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        Welcome to the Cache Valley Astronomical Society!

The Cache Valley Astronomical Society is a community based astronomy club for the people of Cache Valley and northern Utah.  We have monthly meetings in Logan, Utah, get together for occasional stargazing, and are happy to share our love of the night sky with everyone. If you don't have a telescope join us so you can find out what kind of telescope you  really need.  We don't  have any membership requirements. If you are not sure about joining visit one of our monthly meetings or star parties and talk with the amateurs there.  We encourage our members to be as active as they can and be part of our club activities. You will find our group is friendly and enthusiastic about astronomy.  We are willing to work with new members who have little or no knowledge about astronomy but just a desire to learn. 

Our club has several loaner telescopes if you don't have one. 

We hold regularly scheduled activities.  In the fall and winter we have monthly speakers, during the summer we hold a number of star and sun parties under the skies. Our star parties are held at Beaver Mountain Resort and Mt. Logan Park. 

 Some of our members will be willing to help scouting groups and schools by making available speakers, we will also plan star parties for your groups. 

If you or someone in your family is interested in astronomy, please join us!
  Here in our little corner of the web you will find the latest info about our club meetings and activities, as well as links to sites for getting started in astronomy, and the latest astronomical news.



We have added a new page for posting your astro-photos. It's called MEMBERS PICTURES.  If you wish to post your photos contact Tom Westre.



         Check out the bright Nova in Delphinus.  It began on Aug 14 and is now about magnitude 4.5. 
         Check out the Sky and Telescope website for more information.  http://www.skyandtelescope.com/


If you can't find what you are looking for, or have questions about the club, please drop us an email:  cache.stargazers@gmail.com


               Monthly Meeting!

Now that summer is almost here instead of regular monthly meetings the club will focus on what we enjoy the most getting out under the stars with the telescopes.  You are invited to join us.  If you have a telescope bring it, if not come anyway.   If you have an interest in astronomy, please join us, whether you're an absolute novice, or an advanced amateur.  Families and children interested in astronomy are welcome!


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